Old Stock Brake Levers

When building a modern retro ATB (all-terrain bike) or now called a MTB (mountain bike) you need NOS (new old stock) parts to help made it retro.Here are my NOS 1993 Ritchey Brake Levers.More photos to come of my Ritchey bike Build.

My Brain Is Numb Today

So today my brain is feeling numb after seeing two different specialists in brain injury this week. After my accident in 2017 my brain injury was listed as concussion and I was sent home with painkillers. Since this I have seen a number of doctors that have said it just takes time. I got to... Continue Reading →

What A Relief

Well learnt about musician (high-fidelity) earplugs over the weekend and today was so much better the World's Volume has been Turned Down! and is clear and relaxing. After three years of load noise everywhere. Thanks to learning about them from Bella's podcasts @ http://www.postconcussioninc.com

A Summer’s Day

On a sunny summer's day close to Taupo from a few months ago.I feel it looks better in Black and White than in Colour?Inspired by my friend Steve from the UK. Pete

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