Who is Kiwi Pete?

I am Pete, AKA Kiwi Pete

Adventurer, Photographer, Tour Driver, & Too Much More

My full name is Peter Goodman, also known as Kiwi Pete, Big Bad Pete, Bad Pete, Goodo, Charlie, and maybe a few more names over the years.

I grew up in a farm, in an area called Wharehine, close to Wellsford in Northland, New Zealand.

After School I got an apprenticeship in Motorcycle Engineering and past all my tests and time in 1985.

Went on my first O.E. from 1987 to 1989 working on Motorcycles and started enjoying Travel and photography.

Returned home to Wellsford and working in my old Job repairing Motorcycles, before it was time to change to a more adventurous work.

So learnt to drive buses and passing the test in NZ. Then return to the UK and started driving Adventure and Tour Buses (Trucks) about Europe, Scandinavia and North Africa.

After returning home to NZ, it was one to small engines & motorcycle to fund adventures.

I have bean a Mountain Biker, Bikepacker, Photographer, Mountain Unicyclist, and much more.

In 2015 I started Bikepacking New Zealand FaceBook group, I was thinking that 50 members was possible and 100 members would be awesome.

But this all changed in late 2017 after a unplanned dismount! ending up landing head first resulting with a sTBI (severe traumatic brain injury) and I have been trying to lean to live with a brain injury since.

I had to step a side from Bikepacking New Zealand FB group in May 2021 because It had got too much for me, but when I left the members were over 6000! yes that’s right over 6K and it’s still growing (thanks to all that have joined).

I have had to cut back on riding bike’s, so walking it is and managing my rest etc, from now one.