Kiwi Pete’s TBI Journey

Having fun at work pre accident

Riding to work in August 2017, I came off my bike and landed head 1st into the ground resulting in a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury.

This is my Blog if my life, living with a TBI.

Fatigue After Traumatic Brain Injury

Fatigue After Brain Injury Ever feel fatigued after a head injury? Here’s why, and how to decrease it! Find additional resources for your TBI needs and curiousity by clicking the PDF link below or the same document at the original address in the picture at thebottom.

First Overseas Experience

In 1987 I left my parents home, hopped on a plane and flew to the UK. Yes that’s the first time I rented a room (bedsit) and started my first O.E. (overseas experience)Cycle Toured around and about the UK for over two months. Then found a Job and saved up for a Tour of Europe


So after 12 months of wearing barefoot shoes and also walking in my Bare Feet I love feeling the ground, yes the rocks, stones and the texture of the ground and Earth below my feet. I started walking in Vivobarefoot Primes Lite III Barefoot shoes, because my balance since my accident in late 2017 has

What Is Aphasia?

Thanks to @tbi.brain for explaining about Aphasia. I try to stay home or away from people when I’m exhausted because I do have mild and when exhausted I just can’t explain things or communicate very well, some people think I maybe drunk and I’m not! So what is Aphasia? Here’s some info on one of


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