Having fun at work pre accident

Riding to work in August 2017, I came off my bike and landed head 1st into the ground resulting in a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury.

This is my Blog if my life, living with a TBI.

Sledding Athletes Are Taking Their Lives. Did Brain-Rattling Rides and High-Speed Crashes Damage Their Brains?

https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/26/sports/olympics/olympics-bobsled-suicide-brain-injuries.html It’s ironic that I got to ride in mixed bobsleigh in Lillehammer few times in (Summer) 1993! (Yes in Summer time was open for the public to ride and wheeled bobsleigh, down the Winter Olympics track) Cool a? Now the adrenaline and speed going through this bank corners was incredible and as a Adventure… Continue Reading →

Henri & His Leica M3

Inspiring. A different way at looking at the world around us. Enjoy Pete

Is this the END of hiking boots?

The future is zero drop, foot shaped shoes and boots. Be foot happy and not fashion style driven unhappy feet.

Taking To The Skies For Climate Change

Life is about taking risks! Be it like Danny here! Or Looking after the Earth for the future of us all. Remember the Sahara Desert was once a Rain Forest! Yes that’s right it was a Rain Forest once and I co drove from Morocco to Tunisia through the Sahara Desert and I saw no… Continue Reading →


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