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Muni Means…MUNI

I started Mountain Unicycling in 2004, because I was looking for a simpler riding experience! MUNI is fun and a challenge all in one, I last ride 6 months after my Bicycling to work accident in late 2017. I miss it so much 🤔 Life is full of circles.


I once multitask and did all the time before I had my accident. Now I multitask in a new way go figure.


So right, this is a great video about the Bicycle! It got me thinking about how a Bicycle has taken me about this World. The uses a bicycle is used for every day about the world and how I have used a bicycle! For Work, picking up parts to going to a post office and

Jones LWB Rebuild – Rebirth

So a little bit of history on my love, hate, ok and love again affair with my Jones LWB Spaceframe adventure/mountain bike. So I have extremely long for my height, femurs and because of this are one of the few that need a slack seat post angle bicycle. Now I could have a custom built

The Ultimate Barefoot Shoe Guide – Everything You MUST Know

So right and thanks for your past videos, because I had a accident over 4 years ago and have been asking for help since with my balance!I could not explain the specialists how my balance was good at home inside (barefoot) and outside my balance issues walking had me having to walk side to side

Sunset Over Lake Taupo

Sunset over Lake Taupo just on dusk. Some how I timed it just right this time, a few days ago. I wish @fujifilmphotosnz made a full frame camera installed of a undersized and oversized sensor camera. I’m feeling it’s time to change to a compact Sony A7C or wait on A7C II to come out.

Moon Over Spa Park Taupo

Looking north east from Spa Park in Taupo. Yes that the moon and the will smoke looking is steam from the steam fields. Taken with my old Fuji film X100t

Supermarkets with a Brain Injury

Last winter I went for my weekly supermarket shop and forgot my Cap/Hat! It was an overload big time! Only listening to a podcast a few days later I realised that I normally wear my cap everywhere. I keep my visits short, later at night, and only if I have had a rest before hand.

Learning To Read Again After A Brain Injury

So many of my friends and colleagues have not understood why I have got so frustrated since my accident in August 2017! Aside from my balance issues walking and riding, I have not been able to read books because of extreme eye/brain failure.I can’t explain it very well but looking at a page I find


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